Speeding up Windows PC

Some things you can do to make your Windows PC boot more quickly and potentially run faster

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2 min, 312 words

My dad is pretty tech-savvy (he was an electronic engineer) however he was having problems with how long it took his Windows PC to become usable.

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How I learnt to run my own personal AI

It is relatively easy to run your own personal instance of an AI similar to ChatGPT

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3 min, 407 words

By now most people have tried or at least heard of ChatGPT. It is now relatively easy to run your own AI instance on your own machine.

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Simple tips can make a difference

I would love to be good at photography, especially landscapes. Small tips can make a difference.

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2 min, 334 words

When I grew up I had an old 35mm Praktica camera that was given to me. I purchased some lenses for it and mostly used it to take pictures of the Somerset cricket matches I went to watch.

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