Missing images

The images on my blog all suddenly disappeared and I didn't know why

Published on 
2 min, 389 words

I hadn't updated my blog for a while so I thought I would write a short post about The Keeper Test. That is when all the images suddenly stopped displaying on this blog.

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Categories: technology

Pushing The Limits

Going beyond what would normally be expected when coding

Published on 
4 min, 691 words

A lot of coding jobs can involve fairly "normal" tasks - create a page, write to and read from a database, add a new field to this screen. These tasks have been done numerous times by numerous developers around the world in different flavours.

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Speeding up Windows PC

Some things you can do to make your Windows PC boot more quickly and potentially run faster

Published on 
2 min, 312 words

My dad is pretty tech-savvy (he was an electronic engineer) however he was having problems with how long it took his Windows PC to become usable.

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