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Asking if someone has 8 minutes can make a big difference.

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Can a friend ask you for a chat when they really need one?

Mental health issues used to have a big stigma attached to them but that is slowly changing. They never used to be talked about and people certainly wouldn't talk openly about the problems and challenges they are dealing with. This has started to change.

Simon Sinek mentions a study that highlights the big difference even a short chat can have on someone's mental health and it advocates that a chat as short as 8 minutes can have an impact. He proposes highlighting the short time required it can address some of the reservations and obstacles to these conversations.

He says:

By mutually agreeing to an eight-minute time limit beforehand, both parties can engage in a meaningful exchange without overstaying their welcome. This ensures that the time spent together is both beneficial and respected.

If a friend sent me a message asking if "I had 8 minutes" I am sure I could make that time and I would also know that it is a conversation they really need to have.

I also came across the following video from Norwich City Football Club that brilliantly highlights how sometimes it is hard to spot those who need support. Giving someone a way to easily ask for that support without any stigma attached can make a difference.


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