The alternative bucket list approach to life

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I have never formally made a bucket list. Sure, there are things I would love to do and some more than others but I have never written anything down.

This article has a different way of composing this list and the focus is definitely on people. It is basically the following:

"Imagine you're in a hospital bed, connected to a tube. You have a pen and paper in hand. Would you really list anything about visiting a foreign country or an ocean escapade? Not really. People in that actual situation usually think about loved ones--grandkids, children, their spouses. It's perfectly human. All of those typical bucket list items like going on a cruise have nothing to do with other people, usually. No one puts "have grandchildren" on a bucket list, but maybe it should be the highest rated item."

It also suggests adding things you may regret not having done but always wanted to do - for example write a book.

Certainly food for thought!


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