Picking the correct background music can make a big difference to the ability to focus.

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When I am working and need to focus I like to have music in the background.

I have written before about using and the Spotify playlists I use. Recently I came across a free website that seems to potentially do something similar to the former.

ambiphone has lots of different options for background noise and music. There are sounds of nature (rain, waves, even a cat purring), people and places (such as coffee shop, heartbeat, rollercoaster?!), various noises and some ambient music tracks. There are also binaural beats that are meant to help with different states of alertness.

These can be combined, so you can have multiple sounds at the same time, and the volume of each can be adjusted independently.

I've not tried it enough to come to any conclusions on how it compares to but it will be something I will try. A combination of Beta with one of the music tracks could potentially have a similar effect. Even if it doesn't it is a nice tool for providing some background noise/music.


ambiphone. ambient music + sounds for work, study and relaxation.