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There are a lot of sites that claim to be idea generators. Most of them turn out to be just a button you click that slings together a bunch of random words that are meant to then become a prompt to generate ideas.

The Product Idea Prompts site by Jakob Greenfeld seems to be much more than this. The prompts it generates are not random words but calls to action - tasks to do that will then generate ideas. As an example:

Have a look at the currently trending GitHub repositories. Is there a way to turn one of them into a profitable business? (For example, by offering a done-for-you solution.)

and it has a link to the trending repositories on Github. The next prompts might be to visit a certain website and identify pain points or to think about something specific.

Another site that goes beyond just random words is IdeasAI which uses the GPT-3 AI platform to generate ideas for businesses that the community can then vote on. Some of the ideas have been done before, some are completely off the wall and some are very vague however there are potentially some nuggets in there.

At the moment the most voted for idea for this month is:

A startup on the App Store that helps users manage their apps, promote and sell them, and help users find updates and new features.

This is very vague but could prompt you to look at ways to improve the app store experience - maybe an independent review site or improved way of filtering and searching?

As both sites say, they are idea generators and I personally would just use them as prompts and not expect a fully fledged idea. Also the chances are, if it generates an amazing actual idea someone else has seen it as well.


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