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I recently discovered the Huberman Lab podcast so I have been working through the back catalogue. I was listening to one on creativity and mentioned that creativity is effectively taking existing elements and rearranging them in novel ways. It highlighted that there are two parts to creativity - creating/discovery and linear/implementation.

The first mode, creating discovery, involves exploring different configurations. This is the mode when you blue sky new ideas and think about creative solutions. It is best suited to when you are relaxed, potentially even sleepy.

The second mode is referred to as linear mode. This mode is a separate state and is suited to the implementation of things - possibly numerical work or learning - where it requires much more focus. This is best suited to when you are more alert.

Most people transition through these two states of alertness through the course of the day and different people have different times when they are in each mode. Being conscious of your level of alertness means that you can tune when to do different types of work and in turn be more successful as they align with the best mode for your state of alertness.

For me, I am most alert first thing in the morning so that is the best time for me to get my head down and get stuff done. In the afternoon I have less energy and so it is a better time for creative thinking.

When is the best time for you for each mode and how could you utilize that?


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