Decisions with a cost

Tough decisions can come with a cost or a sacrifice.

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Sometimes a decision comes with a cost, a sacrifice.

In the book Leaders Eat Last Simon Sinek says:

Our ability to provide for our kids, make ends meet or live a certain lifestyle sometimes comes at the cost of our own joy, happiness and fulfilment at work. That’s just reality. And for many of us, that’s okay.

When our daughter was about to be born we had a decision to make. We were keen for my wife to be able to stay at home and look after her however my wife was earning more than I was. There was little room for much of a pay increase where I was, working for a company I helped to start. This meant I had to look for a new role.

Having grown up in Devon, surrounded by fields and countryside, I had vowed to never work in London. However to earn a salary to enable our plans to happen this became the inevitable conclusion. We discussed it and I decided that it was a sacrifice I could live with if it meant that my wife could be at home full time with our daughter.

Fortunately, working in London wasn't as bad as I expected; the commute can be painful but you get used to it and things have worked out pretty well since.


Leaders Eat Last