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"Put everything you know out for free but in a random order".

In the School of Greatness podcast with Rory Vaden he proposes that you should do exactly the above to build your brand and your opportunities.

He suggests taking everything you know and write about it; releasing them to the world in small chunks for free. By doing this you are creating value for the consumers of this information and building a link between you and them. The key difference though is that you publish them in a random order.

It may sound counterintuitive to publish this all for free if you plan to make money from it. The monetizable value comes from the next steps of organisation and application.

Producing a form of this information that is organised in some way adds additional value to the consumer. It can take the form of possibly producing some form of media, whether it is a course, a book or something else, The organisation of this random information, that they may already have, brings significant value that they are often willing to pay for. It reduces the effort they have to put in to organize it themselves and consume/learn from the information.

You can take this to another level by focusing on application - how can they apply this information to their world and make use of it. This can take the form of consulting or it can be in the form of another form of media. Again, this is removing effort for them in that it shows them how to apply it without them having to work it out themselves. The clearer this step is in how they can use this information, the more value it has.

In an interview between Nathan Barry and Katelyn Bourgoin she explains that she has multiple levels of product that she sells. The one thing that brings the highest value return to customers and causes them to pick a more expensive option is the inclusion of a checklist showing how everything else can be put into practice.

The key takeaway for me is that people should not be afraid of giving away their knowledge and ideas and yet there is still a way to benefit from this and provide benefits to the end consumer.


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