Last House Standing

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We had a guest speaker at church on Sunday, the son-in-law of our pastors. He spoke on the subject of "Last House Standing" - based on Matthew 7:24-27, the wise and foolish builders.

He talked about how he had come across articles describing a house in Mexico Beach, Florida, survived Hurricane Michael when the rest of the buildings around it were flattened. This was not luck as the house had been designed and built to withstand the forces that were thrown it. This includes pilings that were driven 40 feet into the ground as well as key design decisions made to minimize the risk of damage.

He posed the question "What has the storm revealed about your foundations?" This got me thinking about what my foundations are should I be impacted by something substantial. A friend has had to deal with a massive upheaval in his life and you can see how he has been taken right back to these foundations.

This house cost about twice as much per square foot to build than the houses around it however it will take significantly less time and costs to fix now the storm has passed. Building strong foundations may come at a cost however if/when the storm occurs the benefits will far outweigh those costs.

It is easy to build your identity on what you do or what others say about you. These can become the foundation of your identity. Sometimes it can be good for these things to be removed so we don't tie our foundations and out view of ourselves to tightly to them. When a storm comes and those foundations get removed or shaken our whole identity can be destroyed or damaged.

What do you want to build your foundations on?


Matthew 7:24-27

How One House Survived Devastating Hurricane Michael