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I once heard that the way you can tell if something is actually funny is that it causes you to laugh out loud even when you are by yourself. It is much easier to laugh at something when surrounded by others.

A while ago I came across a video that achieved this feat. It is Benedict Cumberbatch reading a letter of apology to a hotel. I won't spoil it by giving more details, other than it involves seagulls, but it is brilliantly written and equally brilliantly performed.

It was part of a series of letter reading performances at the Royal Albert Hall called Letters Live. I watched some of the others and they consist of a real range of real letters and expressing a multitude of emotions ranging from funny to sad.

I got an email this week saying they are performing another one this year, again at the Royal Albert Hall, in November. I have booked my ticket. I have no idea who will be performing/reading the letters but I can't wait.


Benedict Cumberbatch reads a hilarious letter of apology to a hotel - YouTube

Letters Live