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Being productive is sometimes more about mind management than time management.

In the book "Mind Management, Not Time Management" it aims to highlight that sometimes you need to shift your approach to be productive:

The next time you set out to be productive, ask yourself, What work am I in the mood to do right now? Then, ask yourself, what do I need to do that fits that mood?

This makes sense to me. Sometimes I am in the right creative mood to achieve certain tasks. Other times I am in a completely different state of mind and there is no way I could achieve anything creative - I might be in the space to only get some admin tasks done.

This aligns nicely with the concept of when you are at your most productive. In a previous post I mentioned that I am a morning person. Anything that requires a lot of thought and focus I am best to attack in the morning when I am most alert. More mundane tasks are best left for the afternoon when I am less awake.


Mind Management, Not Time Management: Productivity When Creativity Matters

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