The restaurant of mistaken orders

A restaurant that thrives despite getting orders wrong

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I came across this YouTube video with an intriguing title - "The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders". Having recently read a lot about hospitality this piqued my interest.

This was a one off restaurant in Japan that was set up where those serving suffered from dementia. The restaurant of mistaken orders was established to promote acceptance of dementia.

The naming allowed our customers to enter with an open mind. They expected mistakes so were okay with it. It created an air of easy-going acceptance.

This was an environment where it didn't matter if mistakes were made and they were made:

37% of orders were mistaken but 99% of customers said they were happy.

It is worth watching the video (or this official one) to see the impact it had on both the customers and the servers and the joy it promoted.

Sometimes it is not about perfection and it is the mistakes that make the experience.


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