Podcasts with bookmarks

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I listen to quite a lot of podcasts. I have been using Spotify but recently switched, most of the time, to using an app called Snipd.

It is a podcast player with some quite neat additional features.

If you are listening to something and you want to find it later you can press the "Create Snip" button and save it - a bit like a bookmark. You can later go back and refine the "Snip" to just the section you are interested in.

In addition, for a lot of the podcast episodes they have an AI generated transcript that you can read or even use alongside the Snip.

There are a lot of social aspects as well that I haven't used a lot yet. You can listen to sections others have snipped and also share those you have created.

The one downside for me at the moment is that they don't have a version that works with Android Auto. I listen in the car and it would be nice if I could save a snip for later whilst driving.