Preparation meets opportunity

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Another podcast ... I was listening to Guy Raz interview General David Petraeus on the "Wisdom from the top" podcast. Towards the end he made the observation that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. This implies the more prepared you are then the more "lucky" you will be when opportunities arise.

Many years ago a pastor called Eddie Windsor spoke a message called "Increasing your personal capacity" (also it is a book I recommend reading). He centred it on the story of the talents (Matthew 25). and how each servant was given a number of talents based on their ability. He came up with a formula:

My Ability + My Resources + My Stewardship = My Personal Capacity

By increasing each aspect you create capacity. If I increase my ability, my resources (not just financial) and/or my stewardship (both attitude and ability) then my capacity to achieve things and make an impact increases. This impact could be personal or on those around us.

This seems to align with being "lucky". If I increase these key aspects then either I will be able to be more successful when an opportunity arises or I will be able to make the most of more opportunities that become available.


General David Petraeus

The Parable of the Talents