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Punctuality is respecting other peoples time

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Maybe it is my upbringing but I always try to be on time for things.

I am usually the first person on a call or attending a meeting, often joining slightly early. I feel uncomfortable if I make people wait for my attendance at something.

In Excellent Advice for Living it says something that I find myself agreeing with:

Promptness is a sign of respect.

If I am late for something I feel it gives the impression that my time is more valuable, at least to me, than the other persons. It implies that I am okay with them waiting for me. Obviously sometimes things happen and this can't be avoided however it should not be the normal.

My wife has a much more "laid back" approach to time keeping. And, again this may be due to her upbringing. With her family events there is an expectation that no-one will turn up until at least an hour after the "given" start time - it is just there for vague guidance.

As you can imagine, this sometimes leads to "differing opinions". I have learned over time to be more flexible with my time keeping, often taking the situation more into account when identifying how important it is to be on time. My wife has also improved her time keeping when it is important.


Excellent Advice for Living

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