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Life is made up of stories.

Emmy Sobieski mentions this in her interview for Stanford's eCorner podcast:

You won't believe all the stories you have from growing up, from your parents, from what you saw happen with your cousins, from different business stories. So start a story bank. Start early and as you start to write down the stories that you know you'll find more and more will come to mind.

She is specifically talking about creating a set of about ten stories that you can recount in a business environment.

This is one use for stories however they can be used in so many more ways.

Sometimes I recount stories in these posts, sometimes I use them when talking socially, sometimes I use them to illustrate points.

I have spent time creating my own story bank of things that have happened to me during my life. This is partly for my own benefit/enjoyment (also so I don't forget them) however I also hope that one day my kids might appreciate hearing about some of the dumb stuff I did when I was younger.


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