Are you considering time sensitivity?

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Somethings in life are time sensitive and some are not. A business opportunity may be time sensitive in that it will only be a success when certain things are aligned or maybe new technologies are available.

Eugene Wei in his chat with David Perell identifies that some “waves” are time sensitive. As an example, the current wave of AI could not have happened previously due to technical limitations. Similarly, the adoption of electric cars was dependent on not only the technology but also the consumers willing to buy them - pushed by a much higher sensitivity to the impact fossil fuels are having on the environment.

He also highlights that some decisions are not time sensitive. He had the opportunity to do a business qualification and realised that the decision was not time sensitive. He could try something else for a year and if it didn’t work out he could go back and do the business qualification and not much would have changed.

So, when making a decision is there an aspect of time sensitivity that could help or influence the decision you are about to make?


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