Tiny Projects

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Like lots of people, especially developers, I have a long list of potential business/app ideas that sit around and gather dust. Some of them are just impractical, some I don't have the skills to do but the biggest constraint is time and the battle with all the other commitments life throws at you.

I came across a site where a developer was in a similar situation but decided to do a series of what he refers to as "Tiny Projects". So far he has completed 8 of these projects. In his latest post he walks through each project and what he learned as well as the number of views and the revenue earned. This level of transparency makes it even more interesting - especially in seeing what gained traction in terms of visibility but also in terms of revenue.

The three most successful projects were his latest ones. Two of these were related to domain names and the last as a way to quickly produce websites. It seems like "Hacker News" and "Product Hunt" are the main successful launch platforms.

Maybe I should review my list of ideas and see if there is a tiny project in there that I can produce with minimal commitment to see if it has legs - I really like the idea.


I Spent 2 Years Launching Tiny Projects