Useless Things You Remember

There is probably a whole load of stuff you remember that you have no need to and will never use again.

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During a team call this morning, one of the engineers mentioned about the useless things he still remembers and how it would be good if the brain would clear them out.

It got me thinking about the sort of useless information I can still remember. I am not talking about trivia that may come in useful in a pub quiz one day but bits of information that have no right still living inside my head.

I still remember the command to type into a ZX Spectrum from close to 40 years ago that would cause it to crash.

POKE 23659,0

I still remember all the car number plates of all the cars I have owned, going back over 30 years.

I still remember the page numbers of the CEEFAX pages I would visit to get the latest news on the TV:

101 for news headlines 300 for sports headlines 302 for football 340 for cricket

I still remember some of the old phone numbers and postcodes of friends and family - nowadays it is all just a quick search in contacts.

I still remember a whole host of song lyrics - especially really bad novelty songs - that should be nowhere near my memory.

I still remember the words of some TV adverts from the 1980s including Kia-Ora (too orangey for crows), Milky Way ("the red car and the blue car had a race"), Kinder (Humpty Dumpty) and Trio (Too loud)