A hot desk in north Devon

An inexpensive place to work in north Devon

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I have been visiting my parents in Devon recently and working from there. It makes a nice change of scenery - I can work during the day and visit places out of hours as well as obviously spending time with them.

Most of the time I have been working in my dad's shed, sorry workshop, at the top of the garden. It is "functional". It has a desk I can work at as well as decent Wi-Fi.

However I had a look online to see if there was a hot desk nearby to try somewhere different and I found the Barnstaple Work Hub. It is a set of offices that companies can rent and, importantly for me, hot desks you can rent for the day. Currently it only costs £20 for a whole day.

It's set in an industrial estate so don't expect views of beaches and countryside however if you get the right desk you can see some fields in the distance. The office itself is clean and relatively quiet.

The Wi-Fi is an open Wi-Fi network with no password so I used a VPN (and would recommend you do the same). Even with that in place I was getting about 25Mbps.

There is free tea and coffee - I don't drink coffee so can't tell you if the machine is any good or not.

Lunch options are a little limited but there is a Greggs and a Burger King within walking distance. There may be other options I don't know about. The town centre is about a 15-20 minute walk away.

I really enjoyed working here and will probably do so again in the future.


Barnstaple Work Hub