How to find a missing Sonos

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We recently purchased a Sonos Beam and hooked it up to 2 Sonos Play Ones we already had. It works really well and we are really pleased with it. We expected to mostly use it with the TV but have found ourselves using it more and more to play music. However every few days the Sonos app seems to lose the setup. The TV still works with it but the application does not show the system - this is very frustrating.

It appears to be an issue with IP addresses and a change in the allocation. If the router gets rebooted then it seems to break the setup. There are articles that say you can fix this by assigning static IP addresses. If this is beyond you then one way to recover it is:

  1. Switch off all the Sonos devices
  2. Switch off your router
  3. Restart the router
  4. Once the router is completely up and running switch on the Sonos devices

Once they finish restarting your setup should appear back in the Sonos application. It is a pain and it would be good if they released a fix for this however there is a relatively easy solution without the need to completely reset everything and start again.