A simple addition to every meeting

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We have a lot of remote meetings as most of our team work a significant amount of time from home. Face to face meetings are much better for some types of meetings - especially workshops and retrospectives. As the level of expected collaboration increases the more it favours face to face interactions.

We have also been far from optimal in capturing information from meetings and discussions. We have tended to capture the actions fairly well but have failed to adequately capture the "why" - i.e. why were certain decisions made or approaches followed.

We had a recent meeting where we all collaborated on a shared Google doc as the meeting progressed. This worked really well for this particular meeting. We have decided that for nearly all meetings we will create a shared document with an expectation that all participants will update it as it progresses. I would expect there will be a need in each meeting for someone to "own" it so that things don't fall through the gaps and I would also expect that role to be rotated. Any information captured is better than nothing.