The seagull data centre algorithm

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Could studying the habits of seagulls lead to better cloud computing approaches?

A team of researchers have been studying the migration and hunting behaviour of seagulls and have found that they could be adapted to improve the way cloud computing works. They looked at the way cloud computing virtual machines are connected to the physical ones. They claim that it could cut power consumption by 5.5% and lightening network traffic by up to 70%.

The researchers suggest using an algorithm based on seagull behaviour to determine the placement of virtual machines in cloud computing networks. This would ensure efficient data routing and minimal energy expenditure, by imitating the seagull's hunger-driven approach to acquiring food. The computers are analogous to the seagull's prey, which are limited and situated in certain areas. The virtual machines, then, would be like the seagulls, urgently seeking a connection to a nearby physical machine.


Computer scientists say seagull algorithms could hide the secret to greener cloud computing