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I am a lark.

In the book Time Wise by Amantha Imber she discusses the three main types of people and their alertness through various times of the day. It impacts when they are most productive for certain types of tasks. This has been written about in numerous other places but she summarises it really well:

Deep Work7 - 10/11am
Shallow / Light Work11am - 2pm
Rebound (additional deep work)2-4pm
Middle Birds
Deep Work9am - 12pm
Shallow / Light Work12pm - 2/3pm
Rebound (additional deep work)3-5pm
Deep Work4pm onwards
Shallow / Light Work1 - 4pm
Rebound (additional deep work)10am - 1pm

I am definitely a lark. I tend to wake up early and work best in the morning, sometimes with another burst from middle to late afternoon.

My wife is probably an owl. She likes staying up late and definitely likes mornings less than I do.


Time Wise

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