My most used Obsidian plugins

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I have started using Obsidian a lot. One of the things that I really like is the ability to add community plugins to add functionality as required.

These are the plugins I use the most:

Advanced Tables Add improved navigation, formatting, and manipulation to markdown tables. I've not used this a huge amount but very helpful when doing anything with tables.

Doubleshift Open the command palette when you press shift twice. This is my main way of executing some of the other plugins/commands. Very handy and easy to use.

Focus Mode Remove all the extra stuff from the display. I use this if I have a chunk of focused writing to do as it just leaves the note I am working on.

Icon Folder Add any custom icon (of type .svg) or from an icon pack to your folder or file. Probably not essential and more of a nice to have as it makes certain folders stand out more.

Kanban Create markdown-backed Kanban boards. This is my go to approach for tasks. I have used it to track things to do and also things to take when travelling.

Novel Word Count Display statistics about each file and folder. Another nice to have. I use it to display the number of notes in each folder, although it can do a lot more than that.

Paste URL into selection Insert links (URLs) into a selected text. Definitely one of my most used plugins. Type some text, highlight it and then paste a url and it will convert it to a link.

URL Namer Retrieves a web page title to name URL links. This is the reverse of the paste url plugin. I can paste a URL and then execute this and it will pull in the title from the url and convert it to a link.

Various Complements Enables you complete words like the auto-completion of IDE. Another plugin I use a lot but without really realising it as it is constantly offering suggestions as I type.



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